town_642Thanks for visiting again.

It’s been quite a week around here.  We are practicing the old adage “if something can go wrong it probably will,” as we transition from a quail urban farm to a greenhouse/gardening urban farm.

To clarify and summarize, we have not gotten rid of our quail.  We are still in the quail business; we just can’t keep the quail on our urban farm, so we had to move  all 140 of them to a new enclosure on our son’s goat farm outside the city limits.


Bev and I spent two days digging fence post holes, getting the frame squared up, and actually framing the new enclosure on the goat farm….but….

We were notified by the County that structures must be at least fifty feet from the property line.  The new one we were building was only twenty feet from the line….soooooo….

We took it all down and started over!

Just shoot me now!

Our son felt so bad about not knowing the regulations that he offered to dig the new holes and build the new frame.  That hasn’t happened yet but it will soon. In the meantime, we have moved all the quail to a large chicken coop/enclosure they already had on their property….and that’s where they are now while we wait for Matt to build that new frame.

Amazingly we have not lost one quail through all of these moves.


Soon to be a greenhouse
Soon to be a greenhouse

I’ve cleaned out the two aviaries where we once had quail and I’ve begun building shelving for the greenhouse.  I should have all that done by the end of this weekend and then we can put up plastic and the aviaries will officially become greenhouses.

What a mess!

But our spirits are high and we managed not to piss and moan too much through it all.

Bev will be working on the quail business while I work primarily on the greenhouse business.  Of course we’ll overlap at times and help each other, but that’s the basic division of labor as of right now.

Oh, and our specialty quail were born….five of the seven hatched….these are rare birds and sell for $100 each, so cross your fingers that they survive the next couple weeks.


And since I’m tired, and I’ve got a very long to-do list, I’ll stop this blog now and let all of you get back to whatever it is you do. Thanks for listening to me vent.  If you’ve got experience with greenhouses and feel like sharing your expertise on this blog, please do so in the comment section, or email me at and you can guest blog here.



12 thoughts on “A Comedy of Errors

  1. Hi Bill… Feeling for you and Bev, attempting to play by the rules and yet losing out to another well hidden zoning bylaw. I have recently found out I can have 3 chickens, no rooster of course. I just may set up a coop in spite of a nasty neighbour. I recently built a fire pit and was very careful researching the bylaws and insurance codes. If someone were to complain of smoke being an irritant I would turn it into a flowerbed.
    Bylaws can become a double standard as often as not. Our thoughts are with you and Bev as you get this all sorted out. Good for you guys for doing what you are.


    1. Rolly, it is what it is, I’m afraid. We make do with what we’re handed and try to make change slowly in our community. We’ll keep working at it. In the meantime, good luck with your future chickens, and neighbor, and thank you for stopping by.


  2. I knew, as I followed your farming exploits, that I could not get away with what you are doing here in So.Cal. I see ‘Code Enforcement’ trucks all the time driving up and down the streets. You are doing the right thing. You are establishing your home grown food supply. That leads to a certain freedom that few obtain. If the homestead is paid for and you have a sustainable food source, much of the stress of daily life melts away.

    Hang in there.


  3. How frustrating to have to relocate all the quail. At least they all survived the move. And you’ve got some unique new ones. Wishing you luck that they all grow up healthy.


  4. Wow.

    I find that quail are surprisingly quiet . Especially when compared to, say, the average macaw. It boggles my mind that anyone would have something against them. Our laws don’t make much sense at times. Good luck on the greenhouse. I’d offer advice, but my builds are flimsy at the best of times.


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