In the brooder as chicks
In the brooder as chicks

Welcome back to our humble urban farmyard.   This is the time of year when I feel guilty sitting down writing about all the work that needs doing because that means I’m not out there doing it.  LOL

My wife and I have spent two years getting our act together regarding raising quail.  Trust me when I tell you we have made just about every mistake known to man as we stumbled along on this journey.  We set out with the best intentions, and thought we had done diligent research, but we were woefully unprepared for the task ahead….and our mistakes meant wasted money and sadly a whole lot of dead birds.

I am happy to report that we have finally arrived in the quail business.


Well, for starters, it means we can go to bed at night knowing that when we wake up we won’t have slaughtered birds on the ground of their pens.  In other words, we finally learned how to defeat the predators that roam an urban environment, the raccoons, possums, rats and weasels.  It means we only use hardware cloth to enclose the aviaries and never chicken wire.  It means we dig down two feet before installing the hardware cloth to protect against burrowing predators.  It means we are constantly on the lookout for signs of tampering by predators.  In other words we take nothing for granted.

We have learned how to incubate properly, which incubators work the best, the proper time frame for incubation, the proper humidity and constant temperature.town_358

We have learned how to take care of the chicks and the proper ratio of males to females in the aviaries.

We still have things to learn but we are finally to a point where the eggs arrive in big numbers and the chicks are growing strong and healthy.


Now we move to marketing, and that’s what I’m working on as we speak.

There is a market out there for quail and quail eggs, and it is a market that grows daily, but it is still my job to get the word out that we are in the business and we provide quality birds and eggs.

That means fliers and meeting restaurant owners. That means a little farm stand out front of our home and ads on Craigslist.  It means establishing ourselves with local urban farmers and farm suppliers.

It’s a lot of work but we are slowly reaping the rewards.

And do you want to know the best about it all?

We love doing this!

We love raising quail, and we love providing a healthy, organic food alternative and yes, we love being our own bosses in a business we established.

So there you have it!

Are you interested in raising quail?

Shoot me a question in the comments and I’ll get back to you.



4 thoughts on “Learning from Our Mistakes Raising Quail

  1. Billy,
    You and Bev have really done so well in spite of the occasional hic-up. I sense the confidence in your words and I am delighted that things are looking so good for you. May thing continue in that vein:) You certainly deserve it.


  2. Thank you for the kind words, Sally! I still regret the lost birds…feel bad about them….but we learn and move on, and hopefully we won’t repeat those mistakes.


  3. What needs to be known my friend, besides providing a healthy, organic food, is that you are “equipping ” yourself with healthy living , healthy body and soul which comes as a reward to everyone who “loves” what is doing and does what one loves to do. There is prosperity in freedom following your own intuitions. Good for you and Bev and soon for many others. Congratulations, I am happy for you.
    Peace with us.


    1. Michael my friend, you said a mouthful with your comment…healthy living, healthy body and soul….these things are reflected in our daily lives, how we treat others, how we view life….and I know you are a living example of it.

      blessings always


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