Welcome back to our urban farm. My goodness, the weather turned mild and nice and that meant all those jobs I postponed while it rained suddenly needed my attention.  In other words, this old man has been busy.

Shall we take a walk? I’ll tell you what I’ve been doing while we walk.


town_855I can’t leave Bev alone for five minutes.  She ordered four new Silkie chickens when I wasn’t paying attention, so now those little darlings are under the heatlamp growing strong in our garage.  If you aren’t familiar with Silkies, I’ve got a picture for you.  Their feathers are “silky” and they are probably the friendliest chicken among all the breeds.  Their eggs are a bit smaller than other hens, so that’s the downside, but they are also quieter than other breeds, so that’s a plus for sure….and they are so cute and cuddly!!!!!town_866

So the new chickens require a new chicken coop.  You can see how far I am on it…..this one will serve double-duty because we are going to get a couple “running ducks,” and they will share the coop with the Silkies.  The ducks will have the downstairs and the Silkies will live upstairs in this fowl townhouse.

Update: we just bought two runner ducks…I was holding them on my shoulder last night where they burrowed for warmth…melt my heart!


This past weekend I built a stand from which we’ll sell our farm-fresh organic eggs, both chicken and quail.  You can see the stand in the pic to the right.  We are getting about three dozen quail eggs each day right now, and in a month or so we’ll be up to about eight or nine dozen per day.  They will sell for $2 per dozen from our stand out front, so you do that math.  Doesn’t seem like a lot of money, but nine dozen per day is $18 per day, and multiply that by 30 and it’s a nice residual income each month…..and my son is interested in finding us some restaurants where we can sell them at five bucks per dozen….so things are falling into place on that front.

The new egg stand
The new egg stand

Do we need a license to do so?  A business license for sure…a special $30 addition to that license if we sell to restaurants.  We’ll see!

A word about raising birds for eggs: yes, you can extend their laying season with artificial light…in fact, they will lay year-round by doing so…but…you also shorten their lives.  It’s a decision you, the bird owner, has to make. We choose to not do that.

Also, quality of life will affect the egg productivity.  Put birds in cramped conditions and the productivity will drop. Give them room to roam and it will increase.

We are all about quality of life here on our farm.


Bev recently quit her full-time job as a merchandiser and I applauded her when she did that.  She wants to start a traveling petting zoo that she will take to schools and kids’ parties, so as I type this she is busy doing research and obtaining licenses and insurance. Exciting times for Bev because she has wanted to do something like that for years….and now it’s happening.  I’m proud of her.


town_861Here’s a picture of the shed/cabin in our backyard.  At one time or another several of our kids have lived in it, and I used it as a writing studio for a couple years.  Starting next month we will be renting it out, and we love that idea so much we are building another one and renting that out as well.  Because they don’t have foundations we don’t need building permits for them, and we can still rent them as housing for about $400 or $450 per month.  We got our first renter last week and she will be moving in shortly….and my son is going to be renting the other.  Exciting times and changes are happening around here.

Bev has two sons who are carpenters, so they will be doing the work on it…..for them it’s easy peasy. For me it would be a nightmare.  I can build a chicken coop. I can’t build a cabin.  End of story!


The garden is next on the agenda.  The hay bales have been prepared with natural fertilizer (blood meal) and they’ve been soaked, so they are ready for planting. In fact we already planted potatoes in the one, but we will plant seeds in it as well this weekend….and we put hay bales in the new aviary as well, so we need to plant those too.town_859

My son will be doing some gardening once he moves in, and the other renter wants to do it as well, so we have that going on, and the front yard has about fifteen berry bushes growing, and we are slowly killing off the lawn with cardboard and hay, so all is going according to plan.


I could tell you more but honestly, the sun is out and I need to be out there working. Too much to do and so little time.

Thanks for dropping by our little farm.



11 thoughts on “The Farm is Growing!!!!!

  1. Thanks Deb! We’ve been talking about tiny houses for quite some time. We still hold out hope we might get some acreage one day in the near future, and then we’ll have three or four tiny houses on that property and a communal living urban farm thing going. 🙂


  2. My God you are the busiest little bee ever!

    Do you ever stop and think about how you first started and say to yourself, ‘Damn, I’m awesome.’ You should…cause you are.

    And now Bev’s getting a business of her own? Wow. Go Bev, Go Bev. Say it with me. (There’s a dance that goes with it but I’m going to give it a miss today).

    Best of the best to both you. 😀


  3. Zulma, you are too funny! The thing is, I’m running out of years. I have to be busy to get these things done before I’m six feet under the ground. LOL

    Yes, GO BEV! I couldn’t be happier for her. Teach me that dance sometime, okay, so I can dance it for Bev. 🙂

    Thanks my friend….it means a lot to me.


  4. This was a very pleasant and informative tour, my friend – not so “old man.” You aren’t eighty yet?! At that age we are including ourselves among those “getting older”. Even this not too often mentioning because that ‘seed’ is growing faster than we would like to, and in your case getting so busy on many fronts, you need your youth’s extension.
    Wish you and Bev, and your son as well as the rest of ‘apprentices’ much success in your endeavor. The world is waiting for you !
    Blessings and peace.


  5. Michael my friend, you are a good man, and I thank you for your friendship. I wish you lived closer so I could borrow some of your knowledge about building a cabin. 🙂

    Peace be with you!


  6. Oh my gosh, Big Bro! This post is chock-full of goodness! Can I ask you a question? So…if a building doesn’t have a foundation, you don’t have to get a building permit!?! Maybe it’s different in North Carolina, but oh my gosh…between chickens (which you might have finally convinced me to get in this post what with all the eggs – farmer’s market’s are crazy-awesome around here) and possibly making shed/cabin things…holy moly this is awesome!!Thanks for sharing. I had John read this, too. LOL.


  7. Lil Sis, every county has their own building regulations, so check your county out online…usually, if there is no foundation, and it is small, you don’t need permits, but I’m sure that are anal counties which will require permits for just about anything…so I hope your’s is one of the more progressive. Good luck!


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