chickens, garden and h.o.w. tshirt 009I got lucky today and came up with a guest blogger….please welcome Marlene as she tells you why she became an urban farmer.  You can find Marlene’s website, Fresh Food Garden, by following this link.

I Am an Urban Farmer
When I tell people I am an urban farmer they often visualize me being out in the fields, plowing the back forty in old coveralls, cowboy boots, wearing a big floppy hat and sweating like a pig. While that is a fairly just description of the large scale commercial farmer who works the fields for a living, it is a mere shaving of a description for this farmer girl.

Distinctly, I am an urban farmer. Yes, I get dirt under my fingernails when I’m out in the garden, pulling up weeds and digging holes for planting. And, when I work in the garden I don’t have enormous tools like commercial farmers. I work with cute little hand held tools. And while I do wear a hat when I’m out in the sun, it’s a cute little hat with a cute little red and white polka dot sash. I work diligently and hard when I’m tending to the garden, but I also find ways to make it fun.

Why Am I an Urban Farmer?
The rising cost of food spawned my interest in becoming an urban farmer. One day, I calculated the cost of the price I pay for produce in the store. I compared that cost to the price of a pack of seeds. The difference was significant. I saw the value of saving money by growing my own food. Becoming an urban farmer became a strategy I chose to offset the rising cost of fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

Being new to gardening, I must read a lot of gardening books, browse through plenty of gardening magazines, and surf many gardening websites. I take copious notes to use as reference and then plot out a sunny place to plant my seeds. I am successful with most of the fruit trees and vegetables that I plant. Just the same, I am unsuccessful with some. Nevertheless, through it all I find much joy in going out every day, tending to the garden, and seeing the gift the garden presents that day.

Anyone Can Be an Urban Farmer
Anyone can enjoy the benefits of urban farming. Even someone who lives in a small apartment can start a garden indoors by planting vegetables in containers. If you have a small yard, carve out a small 4-foot X 4-foot area of dirt which can actually be sufficient to grow some of the foods you enjoy most. There are plenty of resources available to help the beginning gardener to get started on the path to growing delicious, fresh food at a fraction of the cost of buying it in stores.

Read as much as you can about the item you want to grow. Start with one vegetable and then build from there. I believe you will be glad you did it. I wish you much success in your gardening endeavors.

Marlene Bertrand is an urban farmer who shares home gardening tips through her website called Grow Veggies 101 – a beginner’s guide to growing vegetables.chickens, garden and h.o.w. tshirt 008


I hang with the greatest people, don’t I?  I hope Marlene’s account inspired you to give gardening/urban farming a try.  I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.





6 thoughts on “A Guest Blogger Describes Her Farming Journey

  1. “Start with one “… great advise to anyone willing. I almost missed this one Marlene. Wish you great success and many blessings.


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